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Chimney Sweeping

Chimney Sweeping

Sweeping a chimney involves removing soot, creosote build-up and other blockages like birds nests, which if neglected, can prevent gases from escaping or cause chimney fires.

I offer a friendly, clean and professional chimney sweeping service to ensure your chimney is safe and efficient, ready for the next burning season.

Birds Nest

Birds Nest Removal

I am always on call to help you remove and control unexpected guests in your chimney.

My flexible working hours and over 15 years of experience means whatever time and whatever fireplace, I can handle your nesting problem.

Bird Guard

Cowl & Bird Guard Installation

Outside of the burning season, birds and other small animals may seek shelter in your chimney, making it unsafe to use.

I can professionally install a chimney cowl or bird guard to prevent nesting activity and create a safe environment to exhaust fireplace fumes.

We also install caps for redundant flues.


AGA & Rayburn Flue Cleaning

I can also tackle a wide range of flues from many different burning appliances, such as AGA and Rayburn cookers, woodburners, multi-fuel stoves and open fireplaces.

I use a range of techniques involving traditional and power sweeping tools to guarantee a fast, affective and thorough clean.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Fitting

For a safe living environment and piece of mind, I can economically install a carbon monoxide alarm and provide advice on burning techniques and fuel types. Find out more about carbon monoxide poisoning.

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